İzzet Keribar talks about his photography adventure

İzzet Keribar, who has been recording the city and people for years, told about his adventure of becoming a master photographer.

"Compared to now, I think that I have photographed Istanbul very little. Because we could not predict that Istanbul would change so much. We thought that boats in Karaköy would always stay," he said.

Istanbul starts evening inspections on illegal migrants

Istanbul police have initiated a new practice of conducting nightly inspections against illegal migrants across various locations, ranging from tour boats on the Bosphorus to entertainment venues.

The first inspection carried out late on July 5 resulted in the apprehension of 354 illegal migrants.

The month of jazz in Istanbul

The 30th Istanbul Jazz Festival invites the audience to explore and experience innovative work all around the city with close to 40 concerts by more than 200 local and international acts.

For this year's festival, some of the most beloved venues are set to host music lovers once again along with newer ones.