Country shivers amid new cold wave

While warm days at the beginning of April gave a sigh of relief, Turkey will be witnessing another cold week with temperatures expected to decline by 10 degrees Celsius on average due to a new cold wave entering the country from the Balkans, the Turkish State Meteorological Service has announced.

Meteorologists declare ‘orange alert’ for Istanbul

The Turkish State Meteorological Service has issued a "heavy precipitation and downpour" warning for two regions and four provinces and has declared an "orange alert" for the country's largest metropolis Istanbul against rains and strong winds.

"Orange alert" is rarely issued, which signifies a possibility of damage and loss in a "dangerous weather situation."

Istanbul to witness snowfall again this week

Temperatures will start dropping significantly across the country as of today, and Turkey's most populous province, Istanbul, will witness snowfall once again in early March, a prominent Turkish meteorologist has said.

"A wave of rainy weather will have an impact in the western parts of the country, starting from the late hours of Feb. 28," Orhan Şen announced on his Twitter account.