Man found dead in Istanbul’s Gezi Park two days after eventful anniversary

A 27-year-old man was found dead in Istanbul’s Gezi Park on June 2, sparking speculation on Turkish social media two days after the eventful anniversary of the Gezi Park protests.

Passersby called the police when they noticed the man, identified as Tuğrul Tunalı, lying on the grass.

Turkish Protesters Dispersed by Police Tear Gas

Water cannons and tear gas helped Turkish police to disperse demonstrators marking the first anniversary of Gezi Park protests.

Taskim Square in Istanbul, Turkey's biggest cities, was virtually sealed off by 25 000 police preventing citizens from reaching the venue. Armored vehicles had been also deployed to safeguard a ban on gatherings this weekend imposed by the government.

Minister urges water saving as Istanbul faces drought

The water levels in Istanbul’s dams are lowest of the past decades with threatening the city with a water cuts in the summer. Waterworks minister calls on people to be careful using water at home Istanbul faces a drought and lack of tap water during the summer of 2014, as precipitation was not as high as previous years and only 27 percent of the dams in Istanbul are full.

18 Arrested over Deadly Mine Explosion in Turkey

Police in Turkey have arrested 18 people in connection with last week's coal mine disaster in Soma.

Those detained on Sunday included two senior mining company executives.

The rescue operation at the mine ended on Saturday after the last two dead bodies were taken out.

The death toll in Turkey's worst mining disaster reached 301.