Istanbul Stages Football Festivities Ahead of Champions League Final

Gul said that 15,000 security officers have been deployed for the match on Saturday, the biggest football event in the European club calendar.

The final will be played in Istanbul's Ataturk Olympic Stadium, where 70,000 fans from all over Europe will attend the game as tens of millions watch on television or online.

Erdoğan Demirören remembered on his death anniversary

Prominent Turkish industrialist and businessman Erdoğan Demirören, who was the founder of Demirören Holding, which is one of Türkiye's largest conglomerates, has been commemorated on the fifth anniversary of his death.

On June 8, 2018, Demirören lost his life in a hospital in Istanbul, where he received treatment for respiratory failure for a while at the age of 80.

Worlds collide in Constantinople-Istanbul

Five hundred and seventy years after the Fall of Constantinople, Recep Tayyip Erdogan chose the Hagia Sophia to celebrate the anniversary and his own victory in Sunday's elections. "Allah willing, we see this election as the gateway to the next century of Turkey and it will go down in history as such a turning point," as that of the Conquest, he declared on Sunday.