Italian Parliament

A condemned dogma

The idea that rivals sometimes need to be put in jail so that a party can win an election has well and truly been condemned. Judgement on politicians, not least prime ministers, is passed when the ballots open. This was the case in the summer with Greece's previous premier.

Stick to procedure

The excuse that the government had resorted to in early August when it deviated from the norm in the way it legislated in Parliament did initially carry some water.

At the time, the government sought to justify its 11th hour amendments to legislation concerning labor relations on the grounds that the issue had to be resolved before Parliament closed for the summer recess.

Macedonia Pushes Forward Constitution Changes to Seal Greece Deal

Parliament is expected this week to open a debate on the draft constitutional changes which the government is expected to submitt on Monday, or in the next few days.

The draft amendments are still being worked on, government spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski told media on Friday.