Serbia handed over the "crown" - playing for bronze against Poland

Slobodan Kova's team was defeated by Italy in the semifinals of the European Championship in Katowice with the result 3: 1 (29:27, 25:22, 23:25, 25:18).
In the fight for the third place and the bronze medal, Serbia will play against Poland on Sunday at 5.30 pm, which lost to Slovenia 3: 1 in the first semifinal.

Albania Arrests Terror Suspect Wanted in Italy

Albanian police on Wednesday arrested Baki Coku, saying he was the subject of an international warrant issued by Interpol Roma and was suspected of belonging to an organization "whose goal was to carry terrorist acts.

"His arrest was carried out with the aim of extradition [to Italy] and was part of an international anti-terror operation," the Albanian police added.