Bulgaria Has New Caretaker Government: What Lessons Can It Learn from Dutch?

aretaker governments do not have to be weak governments: The Netherlands has demonstrated this well over the past few months. Maybe Bulgaria's struggling caretaker administration can take a few lessons on board?

Bulgarians will be heading to the polls once again on November 14 to cast a vote in the country's third parliamentary election of the year.

Are Chances of ITN to Form Government Supported by Protest Parties Getting Slimmer?

A person who is not widely known and has no experience in politics, but has experience in private business is one way to describe the candidate of "There is Such a People" (ITN) for Prime Minister, Plamen Nikolov. The party that won the snap parliamentary elections on July 11 once again failed to betray its style of surprising society.

"Democratic Bulgaria" Will Not Support Increase of President's Powers

"Democratic Bulgaria" certainly will not support increase of powers of the president, especially in the run-up to elections.

 "We do not support seizing the powers of parliament in this regard. If it is a question of who will sign the decree, this is not a problem, but we will defend the central role of National Assembly".