Ivan Geshev

With Full Majority Parliament Called on Chief Prosecutor Geshev to Answer for Police Violence

Members of Parliament adopted a decision by an absolute majority, according to which the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev must submit a report on the investigation of the police violence. The report must be submitted to parliament by Friday, August 20th.

Video of Police Violence to Protesters Shakes Bulgaria

People at an anti-government protest in front of the Council of Ministers in Sofia, July 10, 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/VASSIL DONEV

The probe comes after the release of video footage dated July 10 2020, acquired from the cameras of the Ministerial Council, which has caused fresh concerns about unsanctioned police brutality during the 2020-2021 protests.

Chief Prosecutor Geshev Refused to Attend Hearing in Parliament on Police Brutality

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev commented for BTA on the intention stated by MPs to request his hearing within the extraordinary sitting of parliament scheduled for Tuesday.

According to him there is a long-standing practice of the Constitutional Court, which excludes the exercise of parliamentary control over the work of specific magistrates and during pending cases.

"Who is that incompetent man?"; Bulgaria angry at the United States, demands answers

This was stated by the director of the office of the non-parliamentary party ABV in the area of Plovdiv, Georgi Ilchev.
At the same time, former Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumen Petkov is looking to find "an incompetent man from the USA who mixed up the landing zone".

Bulgaria's Prоsecutor General under Fire again

Attempts by the outgoing caretaker government to oust Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, who served under the previous government of Boyko Borissov, are continuing.

On Tuesday acting Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov approached the Deputy Chief Prosecutor and Director of the National Investigation Borislav Sarafov with a signal against Geshev for leaked eavesdropping.

Caretaker Minister of Interior Files Official Complain against the Chief Prosecutor for Committed Crimes

The caretaker Minister of Interior, Boyko Rashkov, has filed a complain against Chief Prosecutor, Ivan Geshev, to the Director of the National Investigation Service, Borislav Sarafov.

Rashkov announced this on July 27 after an award ceremony for directors of regional directorates of the MoI for good performance of their duties.

Caretaker PM Yanev: I Could Agree to Become Elected PM but Not at All Costs

"I could be prime minister in a regular cabinet, but not at any cost," Prime Minister Stefan Yanev told BTV.

He clarified that so far no such talks have been held with him.

"If such an invitation arrives, it must be based on priorities, visions, a program and a coalition that will nominate a government," Yanev added.