Ivan Geshev

Bulgaria: Mariya Gabriel and GERB will try and Fulfil the First Mandate by offering an Expert Cabinet

Prime Minister nominee Mariya Gabriel stated in the National Assembly that she will fulfill the first exploratory mandate and return the folder with the structure and composition of the government to the head of state on Monday.

Bulgaria: The Prosecutor General submitted a proposal for Disciplinary Proceedings against his Deputy

A proposal by the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Borislav Sarafov, director of the National Investigative Service (NSI) and deputy chief prosecutor for the investigation, was submitted to the registry of the Supreme Judicial Council.

Deputy Head of the National Investigative Service: The Explosion against Geshev’s Car was supposed to Kill

"All my media appearances after the attack on Ivan Geshev were fully coordinated with Borislav Sarafov". This was stated on the National Television by the Deputy Director of the National Investigative Service (NSI) Yasen Todorov.

Bulgaria: The Deputy Chief Prosecutor said he Feared for his Life and called Geshev "Unstable"

The deputy chief prosecutor and director of the National Investigative Service (NSI) Borislav Sarafov accused the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev of privatizing the prosecutor's office and said he feared for his life. At a briefing, Sarafov turned to the Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov with a request to assign him personal security.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General tore off his Resignation and claimed Borissov wanted to Shut him Up

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev announced today that he is resigning. After which he tore off his resignation letter and announced that he was not afraid. He did this in the Sofia Courthouse at a special briefing, his deputies were next to him, without Borislav Sarafov.

Bulgaria: GERB and Mariya Gabriel offer an Expert Cabinet with a Term of 1 year

"The next talks about a government exclude a coalition, it can only be expert", stated the candidate for prime minister of GERB-SDS Mariya Gabriel. "Tomorrow morning I plan to propose that the talks continue for the formation of an expert government, with a term of one year, based on priorities", she said at a briefing at the GERB headquarters.