Ivan Geshev

International Cryptocurrency Fraud Network Operating in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia has been Neutralized – Is Nexo Involved?

In almost identical announcements, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office announced that they had broken up a cryptocurrency fraud network that operated from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia, indicating that the actions in the past few days were in compliance with a European Investigation Order issued by Germany.

Bulgaria’s Security Service will check whether Sanctioned Russians have Properties in the Country

The Prosecutor's Office entrusted the State Agency "National Security" with an inspection of properties in Bulgaria of Russian citizens included in various sanctions lists of the European Union, the United States and Great Britain.

Bulgaria: Ivan Geshev remains Prosecutor General with only 2 Votes "In Favor" of his Removal

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) refused to prematurely terminate the mandate of the Prosecutor General. Only two of the members of the Supreme Court - Atanaska Disheva and Olga Kerelska - were "in favor" of the removal of Ivan Geshev, all the other 16 voted "against" and so he remains in his post. The Prosecutor General did not participate in the vote.

Bulgaria: The Driver who Killed Two Women and Escaped has been Arrested, He was on Drugs

The driver who escaped from the serious accident in Sofia, Georgi Semerdzhiev, was detained in Sofia after a special operation by the "Cobra" Squad, the Ministry of the Interior announced. The investigators joined the investigation by order of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev.

Bulgaria Govt Moves Towards Removing Controversial Chief Prosecutor

The Bulgarian Constitutional Court's decision to allow the justice minister to request the dismissal of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev came into force on Tuesday - a step forward for the government's aim of removing the man it sees as an obstacle to the reform of the justice system and the implementation of anti-corruption measures.

Leader of Bulgarian Vazrazhdane Party: We Want all Restrictive Measures to be Lifted

"The protest is not focused only on the abolition of the green certificate, we will protest for a normal way of governing the country. We want all restrictive measures to be lifted. The COVID working group no longer exists in practice. Its operation was delayed again by the government by about 2 weeks.

Bulgarian PM after He was Questioned by the Prosecution: We are Not Afraid of Anyone

After nearly two hours at the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor's Office, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said he had left a list of names and expected the prosecution's focus to be on these cases of corruption and other crimes. However, he refused to give the media the names from this list.

Bulgarian PM will be Summoned for Questioning at the Prosecutor's Office

Bulgarian Constitutional Court Decided: The Minister of Justice may Demand the Resignation of the Prosecutor General

The Minister of Justice may make a proposal to the Supreme Judicial Council for the early release of the Prosecutor General, as well as to the chairmen of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court. This was ruled by the Constitutional Court on Tuesday. The decision was taken unanimously - with 10 votes in favor.