Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council Approves Six European Delegated Prosecutors

Meeting on Friday, the 11-member Prosecutors Chamber of the Supreme Judicial Council approved six European Delegated Prosecutors (EDPs) from Bulgaria after two days of hearings of all applicants for the position. A total of 23 Bulgarian magistrates (6 judges, 15 prosecutors and 2 investigating magistrates) applied for the position.

Bulgaria: Ministry of Education and Science Awards Annual Pythagoras Prizes

Bulgaria's Ministry of Education and Science has awarded the annual Pythagoras Prizes to Bulgarian scientists and research teams for substantial contribution to the development of science. The Pythagoras Prize for a young scholar went to Dr. Venelin Todorov and Dr.

BBC Investigation: Bulgarian Runs a Network for Fighting and Trading Dogs

Bulgarian runs a network for dog fighting and trade with dog-fighters, the British public television BBC reported in an investigation broadcast last night. The BBC has footage and the man's words, shown as the organizer of the network, show that other Bulgarians participate in it, reports Dnevnik. 

Kaufland Bulgaria Continues Betting on Domestic Production

In Bulgaria, retailer Kaufland continues betting on domestic production. In 2018, it reports a 10% growth in the number of Bulgarian producers it is partnered with, compared to 2017. The company said to be also committed to supplying this production nationally and to helping improve the production processes.

Bulgarian Minister of Transport Supports the Establishment of the Bulgarian Automobile Chamber

''We support all efforts to set up a Bulgarian Automobile Chamber, which will include all carriers. This was announced by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski during a public presentation of the draft Law on the Bulgarian Automobile Chamber.

Mayor of Bulgarian Town Seeks to Expel Syrian Family

The mayor of Elin Pelin, not far from the Bulgarian capital Sofia, has told a Syrian family of three to leave the municipality despite the fact they have been granted humanitarian status.

A report aired by private bTV broadcaster shows Fakhim and his wife, Fatima, who left Aleppo after their house was destroyed in the war 5 years back.