Warming of Mediterranean Sea makes basin ‘safe heaven’ for invaders: Report

The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is increasing 20 percent faster than other seas and oceans due to the effect of global warming, said an international environmental protection association, adding that alien species invaded the Mediterranean waters by entering through the Suez Canal.

Jellyfish rising in Bosphorus Strait raise concerns

Istanbul is witnessing a rise in the number of jellyfish on its shores, especially in the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Aegean Sea to the Marmara Sea, due to strong winds drawing ocean currents.

"There is a high concentration of jellyfish off Arnavutköy and Sarayburnu," said Melek İşinibilir Okyar, an academic from Istanbul University.

Global warming changes biodiversity of Mediterranean Sea

Local fish population has been declining in the Mediterranean Sea, while tropical species migrating from the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean have been on the rise, according to a Turkish marine scientist.

The migration continues rapidly, and global warming is one of the reasons triggering the migration movements, said Mehmet Gökoğlu from Akdeniz University.