Jessica Alba

Has Jessica still got. Absolutely! (stunning pics+vid!)

If you are a fan of Frank Miller’s dark comics, then you would have have loved the two blockbuster film adaptation of his comic, “Sin City 1 & 2”. If you are especially a fan of sexy actress Jessica Alba, it not easy to forget the scene where the sensual Nancy (her character’s name) performs a hot dance with the lasso for the frequents of the club.

Jessica Alba stalked by paparazzi on beach

Famous actress Jessica Alba went to the beach with her friends and family, but did not account for the ever-present paparazzi.


Jessica and her two daughters were having fun, playing in the sea and sand. Little did she know that she would be at the forefront of male fantasies the very next day after the following pictures were published:


Kate Hudson’s birthday party

Famous US actress Kate Hudson celebrated her 36th birthday, with the well-established yearly party she throws in LA. Her good friends, like Jessica Alba, could not be missing from such a party occasion.


The best gift Kate received, according to herself, was the hug her two sons gave her the morning of her birthday.