Jiu Valley

Romanian Ex-President Faces Probe Over 1990s Violence Against Protesters

Romania's High Court of Cassation and Justice ruled on Thursday in favour of reopening the criminal investigation into former president Ion Iliescu over the so-called "Mineriada" events of June 13-15, 1990.

Iliescu summoned miners from the biggest mining basins in Romania, in Valea Jiului, to Bucharest to "restore order" against pro-Western parties who were demanding new elections.

PM Citu: Justice still owes Romanians with finding culprits of June 13-15, 1990 Mineriad

Prime Minister Florin Citu states that justice still owes Romanians with finding the truth about the Mineriad [the miners' riot] of June 13-15, 1990. "It has been 31 years since one of the darkest periods of our post-December history, when the then halls of power pitted Romanians against Romanians.

Romanian Miners’ Bloody Rampage Goes Unpunished, 30 Years On

According to a disputed official toll, deemed overly conservative by many, six people died and over 500 were injured between June 13 and 15, 1990 in what became known as the "mineriad", as the security forces and mineworkers embarked on a joint repressive spree, with the workers acting as paramilitaries to strike fear into government critics and dissidents.

Ailing Romanian Coal Region Sees New Hope in EU Green Deal

Danciu, 31, only wishes it had happened sooner.

"Just Transition is a process that should have started 23 years ago," he told BIRN.

"Only now do we think of it as something serious, something that needs to be done, when the valley is half empty. It's a pity we lost so much time."

'Great potential'

Mihai Danciu. Photo: Private archive

Leaders of miners protesting in underground of Paroseni,Uricani mines invited at Victoria Governmental Palace

A delegation made up of representatives of the miners who are protesting on Sunday, for the seventh consecutive day, in the underground of Paroseni and Uricani coal mines in Jiu Valley is expected on Monday morning at the Victoria Governmental Palace and, afterwards, at the Energy Ministry headquarters, in the attempt to find a solution to the miners' demands.

Romanian Dies in Mine's Second Collapse This Year

A Romanian miner has died and one was wounded after they were trapped on Wednesday in a coal mine in Jiului Valley, in the Southern Carpathians, when a gallery collapsed at dawn.

The two workers spent hours trapped in the mine before the rescue teams reached them at 10am, union representatives told the media.