Two-thirds of First Graders will have Jobs that do not Exist yet

65% of children currently in the first grade will have jobs that do not even exist yet. The figures are from the World Economic Forum and were reported by bTV.

Most of the professions we know today will become extinct. After years, there may be no bus drivers, shoemakers or factory workers. Half jobs in the European Union are threatened by computers and robots.

Over 37,600 jobs lost in November, labor ministry system shows

Salaried employment in the private sector slowed down in November, data released by the Labor Ministry's Ergani system showed on Monday.

The system showed that 157,385 people were hired in November and those who left their jobs came to 195,052 people, out of whom 66,978 people left their positions voluntarily, while 128,074 were laid off or did not renew their contracts.

October jobs hit 15-year record low

Nearly 83,000 jobs were lost in the private sector in October 2016, according to data released by the Greek Labour Ministry. The data showed that over the month of October only 185,895 people were hired in the private sector compared to 268,705 who were rendered unemployed. In comparison, 56,473 jobs were lost in October 2015.