‘Confidence will help rebuild the country,’ says government’s Chief Creative Officer Steve Vranakis

Many virtual meetings begin these days with references to our cranial and facial hair, and the unfortunate state it is in due to our isolation at home. Greece's Chief Creative Officer Steve Vranakis jokes about his shaved head - the work of his wife and the cause of a state of mild embarrassment when he had to do a video conference call with the prime minister.

Vision versus farce

The photo of Boris Johnson putting his foot on a coffee table during talks in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron sparked controversy, even if the British prime minister did appear to be responding to a joke by his host.
Many British people took to social media to express their disapproval of Johnson's behavior, calling it "rude" and "shameful."

Montenegrin Eurovision hopeful's joke about kids and cancer

Radulovic spoke to reporters ahead of the second semi-final of the competition held in Lisbon, and when asked to tell a joke, he picked "a Ricky Gervais" one, and delivered it in broken English:

"What's the... what do the... deaf blind and... how to... deaf, blind, and speechless child gets for... Christmas? Cancer."

well ? @chegovic

Fun Math | Athens | March 27

Mathematician and author Stamos Tsitsionis will be giving a presentation at The Hub Science initiative on "Humor and Math," on Tuesday, March 27, starting at 8 p.m. The former Moraitis School and Athens College teacher will be addressing questions such as what makes a joke funny and whether a sense of humor can be explained mathematically. The presentation is in Greek and is free of charge.

What makes a woman sexy? (JUICY PHOTOS)

Whether you like or not, the truth is, men are first attracted to a woman who is “In Shape”. They like to able to see a woman her true figure, as well as toned and healthy. A woman who takes good care of herself gives the impression that she is confident, responsible and stable, which are qualities all men admire. Nice Lips is another thing men consider sexy in a woman.

Coercing the prime minister

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım is a politician who likes to joke. It is a good thing that politicians have fun and joke around. The prime minister is such a politician. He does not strain himself to gain more respect and importance. He knows that positions are temporary. This is a good feature. 

Pappas reacts to taunting over Greek space agency announcement

Minster of Digital Policy, Media and Telecommunications Nikos Pappas admitted on Tuesday that some of the sarcastic comments posted on social media in response to his announcement on Monday that he will table a bill inaugurating Greece's first space agency, were "inspired," but called on people to take the issue more seriously.