Josephine Skriver slips into some sexy lingerie (photos)

Apparently the new thing in women’s lingerie is all about lacy g-strings with a triangular shape in the back. And what better way to showcase the new trend than to put incredibly sexy Josephine Skriver in some of Victoria Secret’s line. The small triangular shape in the back is designed to make a female even more desirable to their partner.

Greek Australian Josephine Georgiou talks to ‘Ola Proti Fora’ about her on stage ‘Madonna strip tease’

The 17-year old Greek Australian beauty, Josephine Georgiou, who gained overnight fame when pop star Madonna intentionally exposed her nipple at a concert in Adelaide, will be joining the ‘Ola Proti Fora’ team tonight after midnight. Josephine will talk to Themos Anastasiadis and sexy co-host Dukissa about her ‘forced’ strip down by the queen of pop.