Independent Media in Central and Southeast Europe Under ‘Assault’ – Report

The report, Fighting Words: Journalism Under Assault in Central and Eastern Europe, issued on Wednesday by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and the University of Oxford evaluates the situation of the media in the region by drawing on interviews with about a hundred journalists in 16 countries during 2019.

RSF: 49 Journalists were Killed in 2019, Many are Behind Bars

Journalists' deaths are at "historically low levels" globally, according to a report by Reporters Without Borders, quoted by AFP.

Most journalists killed in 2019 covered military conflicts in Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan, say the Paris-based organization and recall that journalism remains a dangerous profession.

"Reporters Without Borders ": 65 Journalists were Killed Around the World in 2017

A total of 65 journalists were killed on the planet in 2017 - 50 professionals, 7 "civil journalists" (bloggers) and 8 "media collaborators". This shows an annual report of Reporters Without Borders published today. This is the year with the lowest number of deaths among professional journalists in 14 years, says the Paris-based non-governmental organization.