Forest Fest Serbia 2017 finished

The third international festival Forest Fest Serbia, which is traditionally held at "Godfather's Fountain" in natural monument "Ribnica" , near Mionica (Serbia), this year has gathered a large number of visitors, organizations, record labels, and artists from Serbia and the world.

Circus Festival | Athens | To June 5

Celebrate the holiday weekend marveling at a whole host of circus acts at Technopolis in Gazi, with acrobats, jugglers, musicians, dancers and artists representing the entire range of alternative performing arts, not to mention loads of entertaining activities such as dancing and juggling lessons, among the fun things to do and see.

Circus arts help Syrian children make new life

Laughter rings out and there is an atmosphere of excitement and joyful chaos. Children are perched on stilts and others spin plates or happily perform aerial dances.

This is not a big top circus in a major city but a house in southeastern Turkey, where Syrian refugee children learn circus tricks in an innovative program to help integrate into their foreign host country.