Julia Alexandratou

The 12 Hottest Greek Celebrities! (SEXY PHOTOS)

There is something about certain countries and the exotic nature of beautiful women. The Mediterranean Sea kisses the Greek lands and has been the location of some of the most beautiful women to walk the face of the earth. Known as Greek Goddesses, the women of Greece have appealing attributes exclusive to the rest of the world.

Ex-porn star Julia Alexandratou is officially single

Former Greek porn star Julia Alexandratou is officially single after signing her divorce papers in Austria. The blonde TV celebrity met with her now ex-husband Christian Karpozilos in Vienna to conclude the final details of their divorce. They separated on good terms as they later celebrated their separation with a dinner. “I came to Vienna to sign my final divorce documents.

The boudouir of Greek porn stars… Enter at your own risk (Warning: Risque pics)

In its Eighties heyday, Greek pornography employed around a thousand people with surreal sex films created in remote locations. These sex videos were usually dubbed straight into English for export abroad . These days, the porn industry has gone downhill with stiff competition from Eastern Europe and internet porn available for free.