Kosovo ‘Won’t Forgive Serbia’ for Killing Civilians: Parliament Chief

Kadri Veseli at the commemoration. Photo: Kadri Veseli/Facebook.

Hundreds of relatives of victims gathered on Wednesday at a memorial to the 54 ethnic Albanian civilians killed by Serbian forces in the village of Poklek, 25 kilometres west of Pristina, to mark the 20th anniversary of the massacre.

Is Kosovo government about to collapse?

This scenario is realistic, explained Haradinaj, because the Democratic Party of Kosovo, led by Kadri Veseli, who is also the president of the Assembly, could leave the government.

Haradinaj told the website syri.net that he was "not afraid of elections that would occur in that case," adding that his coalition partner Veseli "could take steps to leave the government."

"I am no enemy of Albanians," says Serbian president

Veseli on Wednesday said, "We only have one enemy, and that's Serbia and Vucic."

"For the sake of the Albanians I want to say I'm not their enemy," the president told Prva TV on Thursday in Belgrade, and continued:

"On the contrary, I am the enemy of everyone who wants to persecute and kill the Serb people. That's why I understand Kadri Veseli's statement."

Kosovo Assembly speaker threatens Serbia "not to come back"

Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli on Monday spoke at a gathering to honor the victims of "the Racak massacre," the website KoSSev has reported.

According to the report, citing the daily Lajmi, Veseli said that there can be "no international justice without justice for Racak," and that "the Racak massacre is a disgrace of international justice."

Veseli: KLA court will be formed, Pristina has no power to stop it

Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli says it is clear that "the special court" is detrimental to Kosovo.

Veseli, who is the leader of the DPK party - led until his election as president by Hashim Thaci - was referring to the Specialist Chambers, set up to deal with the crimes committed by the former KLA.