PM Borissov: One of my Biggest Sins Is that the Highways in Bulgaria are Free of Charge

"Vucic had chosen a good date. Because of the infrastructure, which we are building, there will also be fast transport to Western Europe for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian economy. And Serbia has a connection to the ports of the Black Sea - Varna and Burgas, just a few hours on the highway, without a single traffic light.

BGN 86 Thousand Allocated for Archaeological Survey along the Europe Highway

The Road Infrastructure Agency has opened a tender process for selecting a contractor to carry out a rescue archaeological survey of a newly discovered archaeological site located at the 18th km along the Kalotina-Sofia ring road, the road agency said.

The deadline for submission is November 21, and the value of the public procurement is BGN 86 000 (VAT excluded).

Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Traffic at All Checkpoints at Bulgarian-Serbian Border

The traffic at all checkpoints at Bulgarian-Serbian border is heavy at 01:30 pm, said the Border Police. The traffic of exiting trucks at the border with Romania is also heavy. At the borders with Northern Macedonia, Turkey, and Greece, traffic is normal at all border checkpoints. 

Intensive Traffic at the Border with Romania

Intensive traffic on the border checkpoints towards Romania. According to data from the Border Police, the traffic at Danube Bridge - Vidin border checkpoint is intensive for trucks.

Cars are passing slower on the Danube Bridge - Ruse. At the other border checkpoints the traffic is normal. Intensive traffic was also reported at Kalotina border checkpoint.

Intensive Тraffic at "Kalotina", "Kapitan Andreevo" and "Danube Bridge" Border Checkpoints

At the border checkpoints Kalotina, Kapitan Andreevo and Danube Bridge in Vidin the traffic is intensive, data from 7:00 am of the Ministry of Interior shows.

At the Kalotina border checkpoint the traffic is intensive at the entrance for cars, Kapitan Andreevo - at the exit for trucks and at the Danube Bridge at Vidin at the entrance and at the exit for both cars and trucks.

Prime Minister Borisov Inspected the Highway to Dragoman

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov announced in a video on Facebook that he is going to inspect the highway near Dragoman together with Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov and Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev.

The section is part of the new highway "Europe", which will connect Sofia with the border crossing "Kalotina".

Construction of "Europe" Motorway in Bulgaria has Began

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov turned the first sod of the construction of "Europe" motorway on 23rd of May. The old Sofia-Kalotina road will be modernized and will connect Sofia with the Serbian city of Nis. Lot 2 of the Dragoman-Slivnitsa motorway should be ready by the end of 2020, Prime Minister Borissov said, reports BNT.