Kanak people

Azerbaijan rejects 'baseless' French claims of interference in New Caledonia

Azerbaijan on Thursday rejected French accusations of "interference" in New Caledonia, the Pacific territory hit by deadly pro-independence riots in recent days.

"We completely reject the baseless accusations," Azerbaijan's foreign ministry spokesman Ayhan Hajizadeh said. "We refute any connection between the leaders of the struggle for freedom in Caledonia and Azerbaijan."

Three dead, over 140 arrested in New Caledonia constitutional reform unrest

Three people were killed as violent protests and looting rock New Caledonia, leading to the arrest of 140 people in and around the capital overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Protests rock the French Pacific archipelago as Paris adopted the constitutional reform that angered pro-independence forces.

Man throws body parts of woman he killed into trash in Turkey's ?ile

A man in the Black Sea town of ?ile has confessed to killing a woman and then dismembering her body into several parts so that he could throw it into the trash.

Police had been searching for the killers of Güne? Kanak since Aug. 13, after the 35-year-old woman?s body parts were found in a landfill site in ?ile.