Bishops urge resistance to new religion courses at school

Two Greek bishops are rallying parents not to allow their children to be taught the new religion course programs at state-run schools.

Pavlos, Bishop of Glyfada, Elliniko, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Vari, issued a circular on Wednesday urging parents in his congregation to demand that their children are taught the previous curriculum and not the new "unacceptable" material.

28 refugees detected on Island of Ros

Greek coast guard authorities detained a 19-year-old foreign human trafficker who reportedly transported 28 refugees to the island of Ros in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The 29 refugees (including the trafficker) were spotted on the island by a FRONTEX vessel which transported them to the island of Kastellorizo.

A story of untold bravery that links Perth and Kastellorizo (video)

The Greek community in Australia is one of the most well-established and integrated in the land down under. It has managed to distinguish itself in all fields of the Australian society with one of the most prosperous and successful ones located in Perth in the state of Western Australia.

Athens sees Turk effort to dispute Greek sovereignty in sea area around Kastelorizo

In what is seen in Athens as an effort by Ankara to push through its message that Greece has limited sovereignty in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean surrounding the island of Kastelorizo, Turkish forces have in recent days maintained a steady presence in the region, either through military exercises or with the dispatch of research vessels.

Turkish military plane flies low over Greek island

A Turkish military transport plane on Tuesday morning descended to an altitude of just 110 feet over a Greek island in the eastern Aegean in a second day of overflights.

The Turkish CN235 was captured on Greek radars flying some 30 meters above the islet of Panagia, which is part of the Oinousses island cluster east of Chios.

Two dogfights over Aegean between Greek and Turkish fighter jets

A pair of Greek F-16 fighter jets engaged in a double dogfight over the Aegean Sea, when two Turkish fighter jets violated Greek air space between the islands of Lesvos, Samos and Chios, Monday. The Turkish pilots were forced to retreat, after entering Greek air space in the morning hours of Monday, when they were intercepted by the Greek fighters that took off from the Skyros airport.

Greece complains to NATO over Turkish submarines in Aegean

The Greek Foreign Ministry and the National Defense General Staff (GEETHA) last week submitted to NATO a detailed complaint regarding the presence of Turkish Navy submarines in Greek territorial waters during the month of September, along with provocative statements by Turkish officials disputing the borders between the two NATO allies, Kathimerini understands.