Post-pandemic surge in child eating disorders: A mother’s story, expert insights

What's it like to watch your 10-year-old son stop eating? What's it like to watch him get weaker and weaker, to see him disappear before your eyes day after day? "From one moment to the next, I felt like I was losing my child," Katerina (not her real name) tells Kathimerini. It happened a year and a half ago.

Armed Forces’ Independence Day parade concludes in Athens

The annual parade of the Armed Forces for Greece's March 25th Independence Day concluded on Monday after passing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of Parliament at Syntagma Square, where President Katerina Sakellaropoulou and political and military officials were gathered.

The parade also drew a crowd of thousands of onlookers waving Greek flags and cheering the troops on.

Campaign to return sidewalks to pedestrians

"Give the sidewalks back to pedestrians" is the slogan of a Facebook group set up by three pensioners around three years ago to raise awareness about the issue.

The group, which has about 700 members, posts photos of blocked and trap-infested sidewalks and asks citizens to do the same, with the aim of mobilizing the authorities.

The trial of the director Kostopoulos for the rape of Elena Athanasopoulou has started - The 58-year-old denies the accusation

Markela Giannatou, Maria Tzobanaki, Irene Trost and Katerina Didaskalou will testify for the actress - Kostas Arzoglou, Byron Kolasis, Melpo Kostis and Christos Xirogiannis are the witnesses for the accused

A president for every citizen

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou has been banished - along with the prime minister - from the customary Easter celebrations by the Church of Greece, which has chosen this method of payback for the ratification of the same-sex marriage law.

Sakellaropoulou: Despite important steps, gender stereotypes remain

Despite the achievements and progress that woman have achieved, "gender stereotypes, discrimination, inequalities and confinement in power relationships still remain strong," President Katerina Sakellaropoulou has said in a social media post marking International Women's Day.