Lost opportunity

He said he was a resident of New York and noted that he had come to the event straight from the airport because he was very interested in the topic of discussion. His voice had an urgency that revealed he really wanted to be heard.

Faulty radios impair security

Police radios used by units guarding sensitive locations in Athens, such as the US Embassy, the Athens Appeals Court and the residence of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Maximos Mansion, are faulty or don't work at all, and this situation is raising security concerns, according to senior Greek Police (ELAS) officials who spoke to Kathimerini.

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‘I feel a very strong need to speak for those who have no voice’

"I feel a very strong need to speak for those people who have been treated unfairly or those who have no voice. This, I feel, is my mission," award-winning Greek photojournalist Yannis Behrakis, who died on Saturday, told Kathimerini in an interview first published on September 11, 2017.

Oversupply of Athens hotels will require big increase in visitors

Athens will need to attract an additional 600,000 visitors a year in order to keep its growing hotel sector in business in the foreseeable future, according to hotel market experts and economist Kathimerini has consulted.

This is the level of oversupply seen being created in the capital due to the investments in the pipeline for the next three years.

Mike Pompeo likely to join Greece-Cyprus-Israel summit, says US envoy

A day after energy giant ExxonMobil announced it had discovered a natural gas reservoir in Cyprus's Block 10, US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is likely to participate in the next trilateral summit between Greece, Cyprus and Israel which will be held in March in Israel.

Robert Kaplan: ‘All the worst scenarios were averted’ during crisis

Speaking to Kathimerini ahead of his arrival in the country for the Delphi Economic Forum - which started on Thursday and ends on Sunday - Robert Kaplan does not hide his admiration for the resilience of democracy in Greece in the face of great pressure during the crisis.