Kazakhstan Renames their Capital after Ex-president

At a joint meeting of the two chambers, Kazakhstan's parliament passed a law renaming the state capital Astana to Nursultan in honor of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, TASS reported.

The members of the Magglias (Lower House) and Senate (upper) unanimously voted in favor of the proposal. The law is considered adopted and is now due to be signed by the president.

Businesses from Dobrich Deepen Cooperation and Look at Markets in Kazakhstan

Local businesses in Dobrich are deepening cooperation and look at markets in Kazakhstan, Mayor Yordan Yordanov told Focus Radio after yesterday's meeting of the local government and businesses with Kazakhstan's Ambassador, Temirtay Izbastin. The aim was to present Kazakhstan as a potential new market to small, medium and major businesses in Dobrich.

INTERVIEW/Vassilenko: For Kazakhstan, the biggest challenge is to contribute to the reduction of tensions among key-players

Right now, in modern circumstances where there are heightened tensions among the global players, for Kazakhstan, the biggest challenge we see is to contribute to the reduction of these tensions among these key-players, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Roman Vassilenko told AGERPRES in an interview.