Former KFOR Officer: I will see to it that Norway withdraws the recognition of Kosovo

"My aim is to try to persuade Norway to withdraw the recognition of so-called Kosovo. I talked to many about that, and as a member of the Democracy party, I tried to enter the Parliament two years ago. Had I succeeded, I would have suggested to the Government to annul the recognition", Cash says for "Politika" daily.

KFOR commander: Kosovo is now "very safe, but fragile"

KFOR Commander Salvatore Cuoci says the situation in Kosovo is at this time "stable, but fragile."

The Italian general told the Vienna daily Kronen Zeitung that it is currently "very safe."

"Much depends on whether people here want change. Primarily the youth does that," Cuoci has been quoted as saying.

Ambassador Kirby visits Kfor base

PRISTINA - US Ambassador to Serbia Michael Kirby visited the Kfor headquarters in Pristina on Saturday to meet with the peacekeeping force's commander, Italian Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

Kirby and Figliuolo exchanged opinions on many issues regarding the latest developments in the security and socio-economic situation in Kosovo, Kfor said in a statement.