Plovdiv: A 16 Year Old Boy Was Kidnapped. The Kidnappers Were Found

Three people have been arrested for blackmailing and kidnapping a 16-year-old boy in Plovdiv. 

They abducted the boy in the afternoon of May 21 in Plovdiv, according to the evidence. Shortly after 5 pm, a signal was given in the Second Regional Department that a passer-by had come to the aid of a boy without clothes in the park area.

An important novelty in schools since the second semester

This will reduce the number of absences, the Ministry is convinced.
Even now, thanks to an electronic school diary, parents can check if their child is at school. As soon as the teacher registers that the student is not in class, the parent can see it if he / she accesses the e-diary with a special code.

Juric: I'm very upset, million things remind me of the tragedy that happened to us

Juric pointed out to Prva Television that the perpetrators of such crimes must be behind bars and that this is the only appropriate place for them to be, and that the case of Monika's abduction shows that "the sentence served" scenario should not happen.

Achaia murder case cracked

Police in Achaia, southwestern Greece, have arrested three Pakistani nationals, aged 45, 44 and 40, over the abduction and murder of a 34-year-old compatriot who was reported missing in March.
All three have been charged with abduction, blackmail and murder after their arrest in police operations conducted in Thebes, central Greece, and Tripoli and Ileia in the southern Peloponnese.

Businessman reportedly kidnapped in Piraeus

A businessman was reportedly kidnapped in Piraeus on Thursday morning, Greek media reported.

According to initial reports, the victim was walking towards his car parked on Akti Themistokleous when four well-built men grabbed him, pushed him forcefully inside a black Volkswagen SUV and sped away, TV station Skai reported.