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Air raid alerts across Ukraine, MiGs from Belarus took off; "New wave of aggression"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has approved the sending of "Leopard 2" tanks to Ukraine and says he will allow other countries to do the same, "Spiegel" reported.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg pointed out that the members of the Alliance should not only send defensive weapons and those that will enable Kyiv to regain lost territories.

Germany promises swift answer on battle tanks for Ukraine

Berlin was expected to announce a decision on Wednesday on the export of powerful German-made Leopard battle tanks long sought by Kiev, and encouraged allies to start training Ukrainian forces to use them.

Western nations have pledged ever-more sophisticated military hardware in recent weeks to help Ukraine repel Russia's invasion, with all eyes in Kiev on the battle tanks.

The Number of Russian Soldiers Killed and Wounded is approaching 180,000, according to a Norwegian General

Russia has so far suffered losses of nearly 180,000 killed or wounded in Ukraine, while Ukrainians have suffered 100,000 military casualties and wounded plus 30,000 civilian deaths, according to estimates announced on Sunday by Norway's army chief

"War" is the Word of 2022 according to a Survey among Bulgarians

The word "war" (voina/война) is the most frequently mentioned by Bulgarians in a large-scale study of the words that marked the past year 2022. This has been shown by the people's vote on the literacy platform "How is it written?" (Как се пише?). The words "inflation," "elections," and "Ukraine" were also among the most iconic last year, according to the poll.

The Ukraine war and the East Med

The war in Ukraine is a storm raging in Europe's east. But its consequences will be felt in the south. The Eastern Mediterranean is likely to be affected in a variety of ways, with particular implications for Greece and its neighbors. Russia's presence and actions are one element in this equation. The effects of the war on the global order and the aspirations of regional powers are another.