Kilkis crash victim dies

A 30-year-old woman who crashed her car last week in Kilkis, northern Greece, has died, authorities said.

The woman died on Monday afternoon after undergoing multiple surgeries at a Thessaloniki hospital.

Her daughter, 9, who was in the car, is in intensive care at the same hospital.

Pregnant woman, daughter hospitalized after road accident in Thessaloniki

A 30 weeks pregnant woman and her 9-year-old daughter were rushed to hospital Tuesday after sustaining serious injuries in a Thessaloniki road accident.

According to reports, the mother, who suffered serious head and lung injuries, lost control of her car which overturned on the provincial road linking Kilkis with Ano Potamia.

Man convicted for forcing female hostage into sex, work

A Thessaloniki court on Friday imposed a 10-year sentence on a 43-year-old Bulgarian man found guilty of having kept a female compatriot aged 26 hostage in a container in Kilkis, northern Greece.

The man held her for three months, during which time he forced her to do farming work during the day and raped her at night.