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Bosnian Serb Chief Sends Fan Letter to Trump

Bosnian Serb supremo Milorad Dodik has sent a support letter to Donald Trump saying that those who are attacking him and dismissing him are undermining the patriotic values that the US President is fighting for.

"They threaten [these values] both in America and around the world because many smaller countries are oriented toward the US," Dodik wrote.

Senate Hearing Blames Dodik for Bosnia’s Stalemate

Speakers at the US Senate's subcommittee on Europe and regional-security cooperation on Wednesday blamed Bosnian Serb supremo Milorad Dodik for the current stalemate in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was preventing the formation of a new state government and blocking the NATO integration process.


Ukraine Condemns Bosnian Serb Chief Over Crimea Interview

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has issued a protest note about recent comments made by the Serb member of Bosnia's state presidency in support of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Earlier this week, Milorad Dodik stated in his interview to Russkiy reporter that he "considers Crimea to be Russian", and that Bosnian recognition of this unilateral annexation was "necessary".

Week in Review: Let the Games Begin!

Turbulence Ahead

The deep summer season is not yet over, but with Presidential elections due in November in Romania, political life is heating up. With the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) having quit the Social Democratic Party (PSD) led government, the PSD now finds itself without an absolute majority in Parliament.