Croatian Policemen Acquitted of Massacre of Elderly Serbs

The Croatian Supreme Court has upheld a verdict acquitting former policemen Frano Drljo and Bozo Krajina of committing a war crime by killing six elderly Serb civilians in the village of Grubori near Knin during an 'anti-terrorist' sweep conducted after Croatia's victorious Operation Storm defeated rebel Serb forces in August 1995, Croatian media reported on Wednesday.

Croatian Serbs Attacked by Masked Assailants in Two Bars

Croatian Serb leaders condemned on Thursday two attacks by masked assailants on local Serbs watching a televised football match near the town of Knin.

The Serbs in the villages of Uzdolje and Djevrske were watching a game involving Red Star from the Serbian capital Belgrade when the attackers burst into the bars, media reports said. Five, including a minor, were lightly injured.

Croatian court sentences Captain Dragan to 15 yrs in prison

SPLIT - The county court in Split, Croatia, on Tuesday sentenced Dragan Vasiljkovic, also known as Captain Dragan, to 15 years in prison, Croatian media reported.

Vasiljkovic, 62, was found guilty on two counts of his indictment - abuse of prisoners of war in the Knin fortress and an attack on a police station in Glina.

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