#AGERPRES130/MNTR head: National News Agency, equidistant, serious, concerned with Romania and the world

The head of the National Peasant's Museum (MNTR), Virgil Stefan Nitulescu, said the AGERPRES National News Agency is a media institution that is "equidistant and serious," concerned with "everything that happens in Romania and in the world." "AGERPRES is the news agency I was born with, to say so.

#AGERPRES130/ BNR spokesperson: AGERPRES, a trustful partner with information one cannot find in the media

The National News Agency AGERPRES is a trustful partner for a public institution and it comes with information that one cannot find at other media institutions, said the spokesperson of the Romanian National Bank (BNR), Dan Suciu, in his message occasioned by the 130th anniversary since the news agency started its activity.

#AGERPRES130/CultMin Breaz: I'm glad there is such an agency, which promotes real, quality news

Culture and National Identity Minister Valer-Daniel Breaz congratulated the AGERPRES National News Agency for its 130 years of activity and voiced his appreciation regarding the quality and veracity of AGERPRES news. "First of all, I want to congratulate you for all the activity carried out within these 130 years.

Sofia University Creates Two Research Institutes

Two scientific institutes will be opened in the structure of the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Their creation was approved on Wednesday by the government. One will deal with research and projects in the field of law, economics and intellectual property, and the other with developments in the field of large data and artificial intelligence.

The Economist Democracy Index: Bulgaria ahead of 4 Countries in the EU

Our country is 46th out of 167 countries "Democracy in ... dies!" Or "Victory of democracy in ...". Every day in world media and social networks there are generalizations about trends and events in one or another country. Where do we judge whether they are true or not?

Leading Journalists Join Call for EU Copyright Reform

AFP - Leading journalists from more than 20 countries joined a call Tuesday for European MPs to approve a controversial media reform aimed at forcing internet giants to pay for news content.

European Parliament lawmakers return in September to discuss the proposal, a first draft of which was rejected last month after a fierce debate.