Minister Bolos: European money for research must produce real impact on Romanian economy

Bucharest, March 8 /Agerpres/ - European money for research must produce a real impact on the Romanian economy, says the Minister of European Funds, Marcel Bolos, in a press release from the relevant ministry, stating that the revival of the Romanian research through substantial non-refundable financial allocations is one of the locomotives of economic growth.

Crunch time for education

The findings of a recent study by an agency of the Education Ministry into the performance of Greece's high school students are disheartening at best, as they confirm the image of a failed national education system.

One of its most frightening conclusions is that around half of the country's secondary school pupils are functionally illiterate.

The EU's Galileo Satellite Navigation System Reaches 1 Billion Smartphone Users

Today, the European Galileo satellite navigation system will reach 1 billion smartphone users worldwide. This coincides with the 15th anniversary of the European Agency for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GSA), the Commission's main partner in the operation of Galileo.

Yesterday Was the International Literacy Day, nearly 1 Billion People in the World Can't Read and Write

Yesterday was the International Literacy Day. It was proclaimed by the United Nations on October 17, 1965 and first celebrated in 1966. Its purpose is to promote and enhance community action to educate the needy.

Challenging received wisdom

There are silent truths and there are silent lies. Silent truths are usually so self-evident ("night follows day") that we don't need to articulate them. Lies of silence are more potent. They are easier to tell but more painful when they come to light. We know they are there, but we don't admit it.

Former Bosnian Army Soldiers Jailed for Raping Minor

The Appeals Chamber of the State Court in Bosnia has jailed two former former Bosnian Army members, following a retrial, for six years each, for raping a protected witness who was a minor at the time, in 1993.

It also ordered Samir Kesmer and Mirsad Menzilovic to pay KM 30,000 to Witness A in compensation for non-material damage.

#AGERPRES130 US Ambassador: US-Romania Strategic Partnership - important demarche, AGERPRES news, significant contribution

The US-Romania Strategic Partnership is an important demarche for both countries, to which AGERPRES news significantly contributes and also to mutual understanding, US Ambassador to Bucharest Hans Klemm affirms. "On behalf of the  Embassy of the United States, I extend our sincere congratulations to AGERPRES for its 130 succesful years of journalism.

#AGERPRES130/Chamber of Deputies' Dragnea: National News Agency, a landmark of correct, balanced information of citizens

AGERPRES National News Agency stays a reference point as regards the correct, balanced information of the citizens, on Tuesday said the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea. "" the Romanian Constitution reads. The press is meant to inform the citizens correctly and objectively, in agreement with the public interest.