Koha Ditore

Haradinaj resigned on Friday, only to resume his PM's duty on Sunday

As he explained, he offered his resignation as he was summoned by the Court in the Hague, as war crime suspect. He said that he wants to go there as citizen and former KLA member, not as Prime Minister. But, on Sunday, Haradinaj resumed his PM duties in Orahovac, on the occasion of revealing the monument of Sheik Muhedin Shehu, Koha Ditore writes.

Kosovo Opposition Party Objects to Serb Election Candidates

At a meeting of Kosovo's Central Election Commission on Tuesday, Vetevendosje refused to vote in favour of certifying candidates from the Srpska Lista party to run in the May 19 polls, arguing that three of them had breached the constitution by resigning as mayors of the same municipalities in which they want to run for office again.

78 Days of Fear: Remembering NATO’s Bombing of Yugoslavia

The army statement said that over 20 buildings had already been hit and that the air campaign was continuing, but insisted that the military's operational and combat readiness was at the highest possible level. It also declared that the mood among the country's soldiers and officers was "unusually high".