Growing number of newly infected, 23 people died

A total of 3.860.140 citizens have been tested in Serbia so far, and 6.271 have been tested in the last 24 hours.
According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health and the "Batut" Institute, 141 people are currently on respirators, while 4.497 patients are hospitalized.

What will happen after the holidays? Dr Kon for TV Prva: This is a winning moment

Kon: Two topics for the Crisis Staff, we have to consider schools as well

Epidemiologists warned about such consequences even before the extended weekend due to the national holiday of Sretenje.
Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said tonight that the Crisis Staff will discuss working hours and gatherings.
Kon added that the medical part of the Crisis Staff is clear and that we cannot afford no new sudden increase in numbers.

Crisis Staff revealed whether the measures will be tightened: "We are considering it"

"I'm not just a colonel, I'm a doctor. I've been working in the red zone for 10 months and I'm familiar with the situation," he said, adding that this is neither an ordinary flu nor an ordinary epidemic.
He pointed out that the number of patients in hospitals has been growing in the last two weeks.

Kon: At that time, all of us, except Dr Nestorović, formed a medical group

"As for the sessions of the Crisis Staff - I experience them intensely. It is important to understand that we are in a situation where the decision to ban the reception was forced, it hasn't been done out of spite. The epidemiological situation is looming and now we have no right to allow growing number of infected", Dr Kon said on TV Prva.

Predrag Kon: "Medical part of the Crisis Staff is strictly against easing measures"

However, as he said, "reality is as it is" and that "they will consider this decision again".
He said on RTS that he did not even know why the application of the measure that one can enter Serbia only with a negative PCR test was postponed for two days and is valid only from midnight.

Kon: "Beware people, beware now"; "Crisis Staff sessions are not pleasant, but..."

"We are coming to a flattening of the curve. One needs to be careful, but here we are. We are now much more following hospitalizations and the difference between admissions and discharges that dropped to 130 yesterday. There are still more admissions than discharges.