Konstantinos Tasoulas

Celebrating the Greek language

More than 100 events took place in more than 70 diplomatic and consular missions of Greece abroad, to mark International Greek Language Day on February 9, when Greeks and non-Greeks alike around the world celebrate the vital role it has played in global culture.

Security system upgrade at Greece’s Fort Knox completed

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, President of the Parliament Konstantinos Tasoulas and ministers toured the Bank of Greece's vault which was recently upgraded with new security systems, as guests of its governor, Yannis Stournaras. The vault stores 71 of the 151 tons of Greece's gold.

Probe into ‘mafia’ remarks

Supreme Court  Prosecutor Georgia Adeilini has initiated an investigation into controversial statements made by the leader of the far-right Spartiates (Spartans), Vassilis Stigas, who last week accused three of his party's MPs of being under the influence of "outside centers," drawing parallels with "the Greek mafia and Don Corleone."

House seats sorted after SYRIZA gripe over Spartans

Re-elected Parliament President Konstantinos Tasoulas has agreed to change the seating arrangements in the House after SYRIZA protested the decision to put the lawmakers of the far-right Spartiates (Spartans) between those of the leftist main opposition. 

SYRIZA said Tasoulas pledged he will "proceed with every action to solve the issue that has been created."