Today Bulgarians Mark 143 Years since the April Uprising

The celebrations commenced on the occasion of 143 years since the announcement of the April Uprising.

Tonight there will be a commemorative fireworks in Koprivshtitsa.

The culmination of the celebrations is on May 1st. There will be concerts and celebrations, as well as reconstruction of the April Uprising moments.

Bulgaria Is Celebrating 141st Anniversary of the April Uprising

The celebrations of 141st anniversary of the April Uprising, which broke out on April 20 1876 in the Bulgarian city Koprivshtitsa, start today, announced BNT.

In different parts of the country are many pilgrimages and commemorative initiatives organized, that honour the heroism and the sacrifice of all people involved in the April Uprising.

Decision to Abolish Koprivshtitsa's Architectural and Historical Reserve Status Rescinded

An extraordinary session of the municipal council of Koprivshtitsa has rescinded the decision to abolish the town' status of architectural and historical reserve, according to BNR.

 10 out of 11 councilors voted to rescind the decision, while council chairman Rashko Hristov abstained.

Ministry of Tourism Supports the Retaining of Koprivhstitsa's Status as an Architectural and Historical Reserve

Among the goals of the Bulgarian Minsitry of Tourism was holding a long-term policy for the sustainable development of tourism and the creation of a competitive tourism product with a recognisable national identity and preserved culture and nature.

Koprivshtitsa Mayor Gencho Gerdanov: Koprivshtitsa's Status as an Architectural and Historical Reserve Will Not be Removed

The status of Koprivchitsa as an architectural and historical reserve will not be removed, Koprivshtitsa Mayor Gencho Gerdanov, according to FOCUS News Agency in relation to the decision of the Municipal Council in Koprivshtitsa to vote on the removal of the city's status.

The mayor assured that Koprivshtitsa will remain the same - authentic, modern, and clean.

President Rumen Radev: 'Koprivshtitsa Does Not Belong to Several Municipal Councilors'

In a social media post on Thursday President Rumen Radev urged all competent entities to forthwith revise or halt the decision of the municipal council in the town of Koprivshtitsa to withdraw the architectural reserve status of the town. "Any compromise in the case will be a coup against the national memory and cultural heritage of Bulgaria''.

French Comic Book Based on Classic Bulgarian Novel to Receive Copyright

A comic book based on Under the Yoke, one of Bulgaria's best-known classic novels, and translated in Bulgarian expects to receive copyright by the French publisher Umma'nité. The book drawn by Jasqies Narret had to come in the country for the Bulgarian national holiday - March, 03.