Kosovo War Victims ‘Fear Betrayal’ over Compensation Hopes

The judging panel in the case against former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Salih Mustafa at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers issued a ruling last year about compensation for victims which noted that Kosovo's Law on the Kosovo Specialist Chambers does not set specific criteria for how compensation can be obtained.

Kosovo Court Struggles to Contact Ivanovic Murder Trial Witnesses

Valon Kurtaj, head of the judging panel in the trial of defendants accused of involvement in the 2018 assassination of Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic, told Pristina Basic Court on Tuesday that the court is facing a series of difficulties in contacting witnesses who live in Serb-majority parts of Kosovo and in Serbia itself.

Kosovo Families Face Losing Homes in Post-War Legal Shambles

From the post-war period in 2000 until Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo was run by the UN's interim administration, UNMIK, which together with domestic political leaders attempted to create institutions that would be able to implement a newly-established legal framework for the country.

Kosovo, Serbia, CSOs Urge Govts to Break Dialogue Stalemate

In a bid to push the governments of Serbia and Kosovo to renew the stalled EU-facilitated dialogue on normalisation of relations, 47 civil society organisations, CSOs, from both countries on Friday urged them to make more of an effort, expressing "deep concern" about a "deteriorating situation on the ground".

Media: ROSU on standby, preparing an incursion?

According to information from the field, they are located at the Belvedere base, where close to 100 armed special forces are deployed, ready to go into action.
According to operative information, out of three deployed platoons, one platoon of special forces was delivered even from Pristina, fully armed, "Novosti" states.

Kosovo Arrests Serbian Citizen for War Crimes on Border

A Serbian citizen, named only as D.A., was arrested in Kosovo on Wednesday on suspicion of having committed war crimes against civilians during the Kosovo war, the Kosovo Special Prosecution announced on Thursday.

Police said suspect was arrested on Wednesday at the border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia in Jarinje and taken into custody on a court order.