Kosovo PM Dismisses Rama’s Libel Charge as ‘Decoy’

Albania Prime Minister Edi Rama (left) and Kosovo's Ramush Haradinaj at a reception in Tirana on September 27, 2017. Photo: Gent Shkullaku/LSA

"The suit of the Prime Minister Rama is totally baseless and a political diversion conducted by him to hide himself after new media soap operas, and so avoid responsibilities," Haradinaj wrote.

If the killed was a protected witness, then this is a rerun of the "Haradinaj" case

If it turns out that Rrustemi, whose death was still a mystery a month ago, was a protected witness before the Special Court of KLA Crimes, it could be said to be a rerun of events from the time when Ramush Haradinaj was accused before The Hague, Sputnik said.

Truth Commission Activists Plan Yugoslav ‘Book of the Dead’

"By refusing to create a joint commission [RECOM], the governments of the post-Yugoslav countries have made another political mistake. We think that the nominal list of victims cannot be abandoned. It is about taking charge of and assuming the responsibility for seeing this task through to the end," Terselic told BIRN.

Shifting Focus of Kosovo Government Talks Hampers Deal

The course of talks in Kosovo on forming a new government changed yet again on Wednesday when the Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK, made yet another proposal to its potential senior partner, Vetevendosje, this time about who should get the post of parliament speaker as part of the splitting of power between them.

Kosovo Commemorates Massacre that Prompted NATO Bombing

Commemorations are being held on Wednesday to mark the 21st anniversary of the massacre by Serbian forces in the Kosovo village of Recak/Racak, when 44 people were killed.

The massacre was publicised by the chief of the OSCE ceasefire verification mission to Kosovo, William Walker, who visited the scene the following day and declared it a "crime against humanity".