Amid Border Tensions, Kosovo Police Deny Beating Serbs

Kosovo's police inspectorate did not make clear on Friday whether or not it intends to further investigate the alleged beating by police of three ethnic Serbs near the border with Serbia, where tensions are high amid continuing protests parked by a dispute between Pristina and Belgrade over vehicle licence plates.

Serbian Ministry Presents Film on ‘Heroic’ Brigade Suspected of Crimes

The Serbian Defence Ministry showed the film about the now-disbanded Yugoslav Army 125th Motorised Brigade on Thursday evening in Belgrade to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its establishment, despite claims that it was involved in war crimes during eth Kosovo conflict.

"Rightly. For ten years, Kosovo citizens removed license plates upon entering Serbia"

"The decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to establish reciprocity when it comes to license plates is a fair decision, despite the fact that it can slow down the circulation of our citizens when changing license plates," Arifi said, Reporters reports.