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Kosovo Justice Minister Faces Questioning by Hague Prosecutors

Justice Minister Abelard Tahiri confirmed on Wednesday evening that he has been summoned by the Specialist Prosecution in The Hague to give an interview at the end of October.

"Two weeks ago, I received an invitation by the Specialist Prosecutor to go there in the end of this month in the capacity of a witness," Tahiri told Pristina-based Dukagjini TV.

B92 learns: Pristina withdrew Interpol membership application an hour before the vote

"Bearing in mind that general elections in Kosovo were held on October 6, I kindly ask you to postpone our application for the next Interpol General Assembly meeting", Haradinaj wrote.
A note was sent to the Serbian Embassy in Paris in which Ramush Haradinaj withdraws his application for Kosovo membership at Interpol. The note arrived today just before 3pm.

Kosovo Election Winner Vetevendosje Seeks Coalition Partner

Talks on forming a new government in Kosovo are due to start soon after the opposition Vetevendosje party came first in Sunday's snap parliamentary elections.

The party has made clear it wishes to seek to form a coalition government with another former opposition party, the Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK.

Albin Kurti declares victory: As of tomorrow, we work on creating a new government

Kurti stated that from today he is starting to work on creating a new Government with him as Prime Minister.
"We have worked hard, we have been engaged for a long time, but it all pays off because every sacrifice is worth for our beloved citizens. We considered it our obligation and we will get the country back on the right track", Kurti said.