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Kosovo Guerrilla Leaders ‘Didn’t Directly Control Fighters’: Witness

Rrustem Mustafa, former commander of Kosovo Liberation Army's wartime Llap Operational Zone, also known by the nom de guerre Remi, told the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague this week in the trial of former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and three co-defendants that the guerrilla force mainly functioned from the bottom up and did not have a fully-established chain of command.

Total chaos in the Parliament of the so-called Kosovo: MPs attacked Kurti VIDEO

According to the Pristina media, the incident occurred during a speech by Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of Pristina's temporary institutions. This is not the first time that Kurti has been involved in an incident in the Assembly, but it is known that he once threw tear gas.

Kurti and Rama – drama?

However, he added that he does not agree with the policy Kurti has been leading lately, which caused the so-called Kosovo to be isolated.
Rama said that he has a very good personal relationship with Kurti, but that he does not agree with his policy that he has been leading lately, that is, with the "self-isolation" imposed by the so-called Kosovo.

Defence, Prosecution Argue Over Witness Protection at Kosovo War Court

Former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci's defence lawyer Gregory Kehoe told the Kosovo Specialist Chambers at a status conference in the trial on Tuesday "there is no tribunal that has put measures" in place for witness protection like the ones being imposed at his client's trial in The Hague.

The trial of the leaders of the former KLA continues today in The Hague

They are accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
So far, seven prosecution witnesses have been heard in the trial against the leader of the former KLA. They are accused of murder, persecution and torture.
All four defendants pleaded not guilty to any of the counts of the indictment.

Escobar: Turning your back on dialogue process would be turning your back on Europe

BELGRADE - US special Western Balkans envoy Gabriel Escobar said on Wednesday he had made it clear during a discussion with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Tuesday that "turning your back on the process (of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue) would be turning your back on Europe, with all the consequences that it entails in the failure of closer integration and closer relationship with Europe." <

Questions Raised over Victims’ Representation at Kosovo War Court

However, in what is seen as an attempt to make the proceedings more efficient and limit costs, because hundreds of victims are expected to participate in the trials at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, the court has not given the victims the right to choose their own legal representatives.