Kosovo Albanians

Kosovo Football Triumphs Highlight Desperate Need for Investment

Major successes in only a few years

Kosovo football fans celebrate the win against Bulgaria ibn Prishtina bars, on 10 June 2019. Photo: Atdhe Mulla

Along with tiny Gibraltar, the Kosovo team is the youngest in Europe, having been admitted to the world football federation, FIFA, and to Europe's UEFA, only three years ago.

Kosovo President Secretly Appoints War Crimes Convict as Adviser

The Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency's report on the declaration of wealth of public servants, published on Thursday, revealed that Rrustem Mustafa, popularly known as 'Remi', has been an adviser to Kosovo President Hashim Thaci for the last four months, unknown to the public.

Thaci’s Pan-Albania Union Plea Scorned as Populism

On Monday, commemorating a battle between Serbian forces and the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, in Pashtrik, Thaci went further by asking the Kosovo and Albania parliaments to take action.

"New circumstances are being created, and the best solution would be that two parliaments, of Kosovo and Albania, approve the statements of people's wish to live in a single state," he said.