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Kosovo in Political Crisis - Early Elections to Be Announced after Lawmakers Dissolve Parliament

Lawmakers in Kosovo's parliament have decided to dissolve the legislature, which suggests the president will announce early elections, according to BGNES.

"The Parliament has decided to dissolve the sixth legislature of the assembly," said its chairman, Kadri Veseli, after 89 members in the 120-member body supported the proposal.

North Macedonia Frees Kosovo Ex-Guerrilla Wanted by Serbia

Former KLA fighter Tomor Morina was released from detention and returned to Kosovo on Wednesday afternoon after North Macedonia's Supreme Court earlier the same day ruled that there were no legal grounds for his extradition to Serbia.

Kosovo's Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli welcomed the release.

Veseli: As a future Prime Minsiter, I will pledge to enforce justice

Veseli announced that in the capacity of the future Prime Minister he will not allow "history to be manipulated, including allowing the victims to be equal to the executioners", as he put it.
Saying that Solaja's release on parole presents a shameful act, Veseli added on his Facebook profile that this in the same time exposes "Belgrade unwillingness to enforce justice".

Kosovo’s Oldest Party Searches for Election Winner

But, two days before the congress opened, the LDK Secretary General, Ismet Beqiri, has admitted that Mustafa may stay on - and that there are a number of other interested contenders.

"It is no secret, there are candidates," he told TV Dukagjini on Thursday. "This should be seen as normal. Our aim is for the new LDK team to win the upcoming parliamentary elections," Beqiri added.

Rama finally commented on Haradinaj's resignation

He stated that Haradinaj's move is politically and tactically sound and a normal thing to do under the circumstances.
As Pristina's Gazette reports, Rama hadn't commented on Haradinaj's resignation on his own but was forced to respond to a question he got from journalist, focusing in his answer to "linking his role in the so-called KLA with Haradinaj's indictment".