Kosovo Liberation Army

From Trenches to Courtroom: Kosovo’s War Leaders Face New Battle

On April 3, the four wartime leaders will be together again, this time before the prosecutors at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague courtroom to hear the charges against them read out in the courtroom as their trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity begins.

Witness Claims Kosovo’s ‘Commander Wolf’ Tortured His Father

The first witness in the war crimes trial of former Kosovo Liberation Army member Pjeter Shala, known by the nom de guerre 'Commander Wolf', testified on Monday that his father was tortured by Shala personally at a KLA detention site at the Kukes Metal Factory in Albania in 1999.

Prosecution Case in Kosovo Ex-Guerrillas’ Trial ‘Could Take Six Years’

The prosecution's presentation of evidence in the case against former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and three other former senior Kosovo Liberation Army, KA guerrillas at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague could go on for six-and-a-half years, presiding judge Charles Smith III told a case status conference at the court on Monday.

Hague Court Publishes Details of Hashim Thaci’s Alleged War Crimes

The Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague has published a less redacted version of the indictment of former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, who goes on trial with three other Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA ex-officers next month, giving more details of the war crimes and crimes against humanity charges against them.

Serbian Police Ex-Commander Wanted in Kosovo for War Crimes

Special prosecutor Ilir Morina told BIRN Kosovo's 'Kallxo Pernime' TV programme on Wednesday evening that the former commander of Serbian police special forces, Goran 'Guri' Radosavljevic, is one of the suspects wanted for the Recak/Racak massacre on January 15, 1999.

"As far as the Kosovo state prosecution knows, he is in Serbia," Morina said.