Kosovo Liberation Army

Hague Prosecutors Summon Haradinaj Ally for Questioning

The Hague-based Kosovo Specialist Prosecution has summoned Lulzim Kabashi, a former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, for questioning on allegations of crimes committed during the Kosovo independence war of the late-1990s.

"I have been invited by Hague prosecutors in the capacity of witness," Kabashi told BIRN.

He is due in The Hague on 24 September.

Message to British Ambassador: He should name the criminals he referred to earlier

"I would love to hear the names of those criminals, as they used to convince us that there is no crime on Kosovo. Then, they suddenly urge people to deny votes to the criminals", Nebojsa Stefanovic Serbia's Internal Affairs Minister says.
He added that they refer to the politicians of Albanian origin.

Early parliamentary elections on Kosovo and Metohija scheduled for October 6

Thaci had instructed Central Election Commission to take all necessary measures to organize and prepare parliamentary elections in accordance with that Decision and in line with applicable legislation.
Earlier on Monday, Thaci signed a decree to dissolve the sixth convocation of Kosovo Assembly.

Kosovo in Political Crisis - Early Elections to Be Announced after Lawmakers Dissolve Parliament

Lawmakers in Kosovo's parliament have decided to dissolve the legislature, which suggests the president will announce early elections, according to BGNES.

"The Parliament has decided to dissolve the sixth legislature of the assembly," said its chairman, Kadri Veseli, after 89 members in the 120-member body supported the proposal.

Veseli: As a future Prime Minsiter, I will pledge to enforce justice

Veseli announced that in the capacity of the future Prime Minister he will not allow "history to be manipulated, including allowing the victims to be equal to the executioners", as he put it.
Saying that Solaja's release on parole presents a shameful act, Veseli added on his Facebook profile that this in the same time exposes "Belgrade unwillingness to enforce justice".

Alsat: Morina will not be extradited to Serbia

Referring to the unnamed sources, Supreme Court will decide whether Morina will be extradited to Serbia, this web portal claims.
Former member of so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Morina was arrested at the north of North Macedonia, on the border crossing Blace on July 24, under the Interpol warrant that was issued on Serbia's request.

"New evidence against Haradinaj, documentation secured"

Milovan Drecun had pointed out that almost 160 illegal prison camps of the terrorist KLA was identified.
Drecun said RTS that Working group made efforts to gather as much evidence as possible, in order to provide documentation and potential witnesses that would confirm the crimes committed by Haradinaj.