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Corruption in sale of Serb property

BELGRADE - A special task force, formed as part of the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), has been investigating for 14 months now the corruption allegations concerning the EULEX top tier, reads the Belgrade-based daily Blic on Monday.

According to the daily, one of the contentious cases is related to the sale of the Serb property in KiM.

Allegations of corruption shake EU mission in Kosovo

Allegations of corruption shake EU mission in Kosovo

BELGRADE, BRUSSELS -- Instead of introducing legal standards of their countries to Kosovo, international prosecutors and judges serving there "have adopted local ways."

According to the Belgrade-based Politika daily, "the falsification of evidence against Oliver Ivanović" is one proof of this.

Journalist's Stabbing Causes Outrage in Kosovo

Journalists in Kosovo are to hold a protest rally in Pristina following an alarming incident in which a journalist was stabbed at the workplace.

Milot Hasmija, an editor with the Pristina-based Klan Kosovo television station, was stabbed in the neck and head several times on Monday by an intruder in the TV studio.

Kosovo Mother Reunited with Son taken to Syria

Over three months after his father took him to the Syrian warzone, eight-year-old Erion was reunited on Wednesday night with his distraught mother, Pranvera Zena, at Pristina Airport.

"It feels like a dream," she told AP news agency after the reunion. "It feels as if I am waking up and I fear he's still not there."