Kosovo Liberation Army

Ceku: Kosovo will soon have its army

PRISTINA - Outgoing Minister of the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force Agim Ceku stated that Kosovo will soon get its army because at one of the first sessions upon its constitution, the Kosovo parliament will adopt the decision on the transformation of the Security Force into the Armed Forces of Kosovo.

Kosovo Parties Agree on Gov't, Isa Mustafa 'to Take Over as PM'

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) leader Isa Mustafa is tipped to become Kosovo's next Prime Minister after an agreement between the main political aprties to form a coalition cabinet, sources say.

Their decision comes after a six-month-long political deadlock following early elections in June called by then-PM Hashim Thaci.

Interpol warrant for 95 people

BELGRADE - Seputy Prosecutor for War Crimes Dragoljub Stankovic said on Wednesday that the investigation concerning 14 cases against members of the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) suspected of committing war crimes had been completed, and that Interpol arrest warrants had been issued on 95 people, but that the authorities in Pristina were doing nothing regarding their extradition.