Kosovo Liberation Army

Drecun: Kosovo army would be successor of terrorist KLA

BELGRADE - Establishment of a Kosovo army would increase the lack of security for Serbs and other non-Albanian communities because it would, in fact, be a successor of the terrorist "Kosovo Liberation Army" (KLA), Milovan Drecun, the former chairman of the Serbian parliamentary committee on Kosovo-Metohija, said on Tuesday.

Kosovo Fears Limited Timeline to Stage Elections

Members of the Kosovo Central Election Commission, CEC, are concerned they will have only a limited time to prepare for early general elections if they are held next month.

“If June 8 is set as the date, the CEC will have only about 30 days, which will be quite challenging,” Florian Dushi, a CEC member, told BIRN.

HRW: Setting up of court - step forward for justice in KiM

BELGRADE / BRUSSELS - Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said that the Kosovo government’s approval of a special court to investigate 1998-1999 war crimes committed by members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army KLA, former ethnic Albanian paramilitary organization, in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), is a step forward for justice and the rule of law.