Kosovo Liberation Army

Kosovo Opposition Mulling Broad Coalition against PM Thaci

Three opposition parties in Kosovo are in talks to form a broad coalition which would replace the current Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

Thaci's Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) won Sunday's early parliamentary elections with 30% of the vote, but would need support of smaller parties in order to form a government.

In Serbia Haradinaj charged with at least 60 murders

New Kosovo Prime Minister charged with the most serious war crimes In Serbia Haradinaj charged with at least 60 murders

A year and a half after the Hague Tribunal has released him from war crimes charges for the second time Ramus Haradinaj has the opportunity to sit again in the seat of Kosovo Prime Minister.

Kosovo Ruling Party Claims Victory in Elections

Thaci said after polls closed that his Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, had won the elections, although the Central Election Commission reported a turnout of only 43.2 per cent.

“As of tomorrow morning we will continue to fulfil our duties. As of tomorrow we will start to implement our ‘New Mission’,” former Kosovo Liberation Army leader Thaci said in a speech on Sunday night.