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Williamson:Outcome of investigation should not be pre-judged

BRUSSELS - John Clint Williamson,lead prosecutor for the EULEX Special Investigative Task Force investigating the allegations presented in the report by Dick Marty,returned from a two-day visit to Pristina on Tuesday, where he underlined the need for bringing the investigation into the human organ trafficking to a close without pre-judgment and speculation.

War crimes verdicts improve Kosovo-Serbia relations, experts say

War crimes verdicts improve Kosovo-Serbia relations, experts say

The Belgrade court decisions on war crimes committed in Kosovo will help improve the relationship between Albanians and Serbs, experts and citizens said.

Future verdicts by the Belgrade High Court War Crimes Chamber could help improve relations between Serbia and Kosovo. [AFP]

Limaj Faces New Indictment in Kosovo

The EULEX prosecutor, Johannes Pickert, has raised a second indictment against Limaj and the other defendants, accusing them of “organised crime, misappropriation in office, entering into harmful contracts, abusing official position or authority, accepting bribes and other corruption related offences.