Kosovo War

Innocence Lost: Childhood Memories of the Kosovo War

It was a snowy day in December 1998 and Besnik Rustemi's family was waiting for their village of Slivove/Slivovo to come under fire.

Rustemi, then six years old, was playing in his neighbours' yard with a friend. Meanwhile, his new rubber boots were waiting for him in his bedroom, ready to be worn whenever his family decided it was time to flee.

Serbia’s Progress on War Crimes Cases ‘Negligible’: Report

The Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Centre NGO said in a report published on Wednesday that Serbian war crimes prosecutors are continuing to issue only a small number of indictments, most of them in cases transferred from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and none of them charging high-ranking suspects.

21 years since the NATO bombing

The sirens were heard for 78 days and the total number of casualties was never determined. An estimated 1,200 to 2,500 people were killed in the 11 weeks, with total material damage estimated at tens of billions of dollars.
The attack on Serbia, or the FRY, was carried out without UN Security Council approval, which was a precedent.

Kosovo Probes Killing of Guerrilla Commander and Family

Drita Hajdari told BIRN on Thursday that Kosovo's Special Prosecution Office has opened a preliminary investigation into Serbian police special forces' attack on the Jashari family compound in Prekaz from March 5-7, 1998, in which guerrilla commander Adem Jashari and 58 of his relatives were killed.

"Access point to the sea, this is a compromise offered to Serbia"

Reka said Serbia was offered a major compromise, he said, and that is the access to Durres port in Albania via Kosovo, without explaining the proposal in more detail.
He said that Serbia is blocked and does not have access to the sea because it is blocked from Montenegro, and it cannot access it through Northern Macedonia either, Kosovo online reports.

Hague Prosecutors to Issue Kosovo War Crimes Indictments Soon

Almost five years since Kosovo's parliament approved the establishment of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Prosecutor's Office, chief prosecutor Jack Smith has notified the president of the Specialist Chambers of his intention to initiate proceedings before the Hague-based 'special court', it was announced on Monday.