Kosovo War

NATO will intervene? "We see indications; Troops have been sent in a Kosovo base"

Petr Bystron, who is also a member of the Bundestag, stated in an interview for Russia Today Balkan that the bombing of the FR Yugoslavia in 1999 was a violation of international law and a sin, as well as that this illegal war led to the violent secession of a part of the sovereign country, the former Yugoslavia.

Stano: Belgrade, Pristina invited to Brussels meeting over crisis in north Kosovo

BRUSSELS - EU spokesperson Peter Stano said on Thursday EU foreign policy and security chief Josep Borrell had invited representatives of Belgrade and Pristina to a Brussels meeting next week over the crisis in the north of Kosovo-Metohija.

Stano said more details would be announced soon.

Urgent statement of the Ministry of Defense after an arrest of Kurti's special forces

"The insinuations of the Prime Minister of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Pristina that the Serbian Army was involved in the "kidnapping of three Kosovo police officers" within the territory of Kosovo and Metohija are just a continuation of the campaign of lies, manipulation and illegal violence perpetrated against the Serbs by the Pristina authorities."

Kurti spoke up: ''I'm surprised''

He was referring to the arrest of three members of the special unit of the Kosovo Police, who were arrested in the territory of central Serbia by the special unit of the Serbian police.
During the press conference, after the session of the Kosovo Security Council, Kurti called on the international community to put pressure on Belgrade.

Petkovic: Officers of Pristina's special police nabbed deep inside central Serbia

BELGRADE - The head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Petar Petkovic said on Wednesday an anti-terrorist unit of the Serbian Gendarmerie had located and arrested three officers of the so-called Kosovo's special police in the vicinity of the Gnjilica village in the Raska municipality, deep inside the territory of central Serbia.

Once a War Criminal, Always a War Criminal?

The question of rehabilitation and reintegration of war criminals has not attracted much attention either in the countries of the former Yugoslavia or internationally. This is somewhat odd considering that 59 of 91 individuals sentenced by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, ICTY have already been released from prison after serving sentences for grave crimes.

Rakic: We informed president of situation on ground

BELGRADE - Srpska lista leader Goran Rakic said on Monday representatives of Kosovo-Metohija Serbs had informed Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic of the situation on the ground and the problems facing Serbs in the province.

They asked Vucic to use his authority to ensure the soonest possible release of two arrested Serb protesters, Rados Petrovic and Dusan Obrenovic.