The two faces of Greece

On the one hand, Greece is a country where the state's insensitivity means that wheelchair users can't get to work on public transportation because it's still impossible for them to access.

On the other, it is a country of initiative, where a town like Kozani has mustered its forces to help a boy get the money he needs for treatment in the US.

Objective values adjustment project turns into a fiasco

The adjustment of the "objective values" (property rates used for tax purposes) is evolving into a fiasco: Not only is the time remaining for the credible completion of the project running out fast, but several areas in Greece won't get any proposals from the property surveyors who have undertaken to determine the new zone prices around the country.

Kozani leads the way in new trash system

Kozani on Friday became the first city in Greece to introduce underground garbage cans in a bid to do away with the unsightly and malodorous wheeled dumpsters that mar the country's urban thoroughfares. The northern Greek city's first batch of underground bins was placed at Bristol Square, with Eleftherias Square slated to come next.