The Construction of a Railway Section between North Macedonia and Bulgaria has been Launched

The Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, Galab Donev and Dimitar Kovachevski, launched the construction of the railway line from Kumanovo to Beljakovce in our southwestern neighbor. The line should reach the border with Bulgaria and is part of the trans-European corridor number 8 - a project more than two decades old.

Secretive Jewish Sect Causes Stir in North Macedonia Town

Ther arrival of a group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews in the northern town of Kumanovo this weekend, wearing traditional clothing that residents never saw before, has raised concerns among some local residents.

"These persons respect the laws of North Macedonia, have a completely legal right to stay here and are here only temporarily," Kumanovo police told the media on Sunday.

North Macedonia Deal to Revisit Ethnically Charged Cases Questioned

The issue of several ethnically charged court cases that has dogged multi-ethnic North Macedonia for years reemerged on Sunday, when the Prime Minister and Social Democratic leader, Zoran Zaev, signed a coalition deal with a small ethnic Albanian party to boost the government's slim majority.

43 Migrants were Found in a Truck in Northern Macedonia

43 migrants from Bangladesh have been found in a truck in Northeastern Macedonia, MIA reported.

The driver of the truck, a 29-year-old man, was arrested.

The truck was stopped for inspection on Saturday night at about 9.40 pm near a gas station after the police received a preliminary warning that it was possible a truck to transport migrants illegally.

BIRN Fact Check: North Macedonia’s Huge Investment Pledge

  1. The numbers don't add up:

A new railroad in the south of the country. Photo: mtc.gov.mk

From the information made available so far, by the end of this year, or during next year, the government plans to start several big capital investments. But a big question is where the authorities hope to obtain the first 1.4 euros needed for them.

North Macedonia President Rejects Allegations Against Intelligence Chief

President Stevo Pendarovski defended Erol Musliu on Thursday, calling him a "a top professional", after the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI party, the junior partner in North Macedonia's ruling coalition, criticised his appointment as the new National Intelligence Agency chief.

Tensions Flare at North Macedonia Shootout Hearing

There were chaotic scenes at Skopje's Appeals Court on Thursday, with the defendants shouting that they do not recognise the court, at the start of a hearing to decide on whether to hold a retrial of 33 ethnic Albanians who were convicted of involvement in a deadly two-day shootout in the town of Kumanovo in May 2015.