Kurdish–Turkish conflict

Three PKK/YPG terrorists 'neutralized' in Syria's north

The Defense Ministry has announced the neutralization of three PKK/YPG terrorists who were reportedly preparing to launch an attack in the Euphrates Shield Operation region situated in northern Syria.

"We do not leave the terrorist attempts to attack unanswered," the ministry declared in a statement on Aug. 21.

9 PKK terrorists ‘neutralized’ in northern Iraq

Security forces have "neutralized" nine PKK terrorists in northern Iraq, the territory of a cross-border operation, the Defense Ministry announced on July 2.

Nine terrorists identified in the Claw-Lock Operation area were "neutralized" as a result of an air strike, the ministry said in a written statement on July 2.

MİT neutralizes senior PKK member in Syria

The National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has neutralized Rıdvan Ulugana, a senior member of the PKK/YPG terrorist organization.

Ulugana, categorized as a high-priority target on the list of wanted terrorists, was responsible for the Shehba region in Tell Rifaat city, where he orchestrated numerous attacks against security forces.

16 PKK terrorists ‘neutralized’ in N Syria

Security forces have "neutralized" 16 PKK terrorists in northern Syria, the Defense Ministry said on June 15.

"Our Turkish Armed Forces have neutralized an additional 16 terrorists, targeting the terrorist nests in the Tel Rifaat and Manbij regions. Mehmetçik [Turkish soldiers] continues to destroy the terror dens," the ministry said in a social media statement.