Kurdish separatism in Turkey

Senior PKK member 'neutralized' in northern Iraq

The Turkish Armed Forces have neutralized a senior executive of the PKK in Iraq's north, according to sources from the Defense Ministry.

The operation targeted a group of terrorists reportedly preparing for an imminent attack in the Avasin region. With the support of air forces, the Turkish forces were able to neutralize the entire group, local media reported on July 16.

65 neutralized in June ops: Interior Minister

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced that a total of 65 terrorists were "neutralized" during operations conducted in June.

The minister expressed in a recent social media post his gratitude to the gendarmerie and security forces "who tirelessly combat terrorism to protect the nation and its flag," affirming that the fight against terror would persist until its eradication.

MİT ‘neutralizes’ Interpol-wanted PKK terrorist


The National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has eliminated a senior member of the PKK terrorist organization wanted by Interpol in northern Syria's Qamishli region.

Abdurrahman Çadırcı was code-named both "Esad Faraşin" and "Esad Avrupa" because of his operations in Europe before. The terrorist was identified as the so-called executive council member of the terrorist group.

MİT neutralizes senior PKK member in Syria

The National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has neutralized Rıdvan Ulugana, a senior member of the PKK/YPG terrorist organization.

Ulugana, categorized as a high-priority target on the list of wanted terrorists, was responsible for the Shehba region in Tell Rifaat city, where he orchestrated numerous attacks against security forces.